The Policy Innovation Research Unit (PIRU) brings together leading health and social care expertise to improve evidence-based policy-making and its implementation across the National Health Service, social care and public health.

We develop rigorous research evidence to support innovation in health and social care policy.

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From the blog

Chih Hoong Sin and Ichiro Tsukamoto describe an innovative Asia Pacific model for SIBs. Read more>>

Eleanor Carter and Clare Fitzgerald list three questions evaluations of SIBs should answer. Read more>>

Katy Pillai, of Big Issue Invest, explains the vital role of research and evaluation for developing SIBs. Read more>>

James Barlow writes about the need to develop a global health innovation index. Read more>>

Zaid Chalabi discusses the use of mathematical modelling to help design pilots. Read more>>

Latest news

PIRU published its final report "Evaluation of the Social Impact Bond Trailblazers in Health and Social Care". The report can be accessed here>>

PIRU is co-hosting an international conference "Comparative perspectives on Social Impact Bonds and outcomes-based approaches to public service commissioning" on 6-7th September 2018 at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford. Further details are available here>>

Presentations from the PIRU conference on "Systems perspectives on policy development and evaluation" are available here>>

Project Focus

Integrated Care Pioneers evaluation

PIRU is carrying out a longer-term evaluation of the Pioneers to help build the evidence base on what works best in delivering integrated care in different contexts. Following completion of a qualitative early evaluation,
the longer-term evaluation will look at outcomes and cost-effectiveness.