The Policy Innovation Research Unit (PIRU) brings together leading health and social care expertise to improve evidence-based policy-making and its implementation across the National Health Service, social care and public health.

We develop rigorous research evidence to support innovation in health and social care policy

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From the blog

Stefanie Ettelt and Nick Mays discuss new guidance on commissioning evaluations of policy pilots. Read more >>

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Anna Dixon believes a strong relationship between policy-makers and academic evaluators is vital. Read more >>

Latest news

A new article looking at the views and experiences of social care staff on Direct Payments in Residential Care Trailblazers is available online >>

Material from the recent PIRU event on 'Widening perspectives on Social Impact Bonds' is available here >>

Piru publication: The case for investment in technology to manage the global costs of dementia Click here >>

Project Focus

Integrated Care Pioneers evaluation

PIRU is carrying out a longer-term evaluation of the Pioneers to help build the evidence base on what works best in delivering integrated care in different contexts. Following completion of a qualitative early evaluation,
the longer-term evaluation will look at outcomes and cost-effectiveness.